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Nebraska 4-H Profile: Chantell Frisch | Saddle Up Nebraska

Nebraska 4-H Profile: Chantell Frisch



Nebraska 4-H Profile
By Noel Ochoa, Veterinary Technology Student, Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture 

Chantell Frisch at the 2010 Platte County Fair with horses Leo, left, and Jack.

Many images may come to mind when you hear the phrase horse training facility. Whether it be grassy green hills as far as the eye can see, with state-of-the-art corrals and horse barns, or hand-built wooden fence encircling the perfect arena with that dark brown, soft dirt that is perfect to fall in when being bucked off a horse. Running a horse training facility is one of Chantell Frisch’s many dreams.

Frisch, has been a 4-H member for the last nine years, during seven of which she has worked with horses. This fall she is a senior at Lindsay Holy Family, planning to graduate next May. She is involved in speech, one acts, and is editor for the journalism class and the Bulldog Barker. Frisch also played sports until her freshman year in high school when she suffered a couple of injuries. 

Chantell Frisch / Photo by Cathy Frisch.


In 4-H, Frisch does showmanship, pony pleasure, reining, barrels, poles and key hole. She competes at the Platte County Fair, Nebraska District Horse show, Nebraska State Horse Show and many other events. She personally owns three horses. Crackerjack Fox, or Jack, is her 10 year old Palomino Quarter horse. He is used for speed evens. Great Operator, or Leo, is her dark 11 year old Palomino Quarter horse. He is used for reining and pony pleasure because he is under 14′2 hands. Aint No Gold Digger, or Digger, is her latest addition to the team. He is a three-year-old gray Quarter horse. He was purchased last April and has been her project all summer. So far, Frisch says she has only been bucked off by him once.¬†

All the training with Frisch’s horses is done by her. She is proud to say they are all very well behaved and just about anyone can ride them. Both of her show horses are hard workers and do very well in their events. She hopes her work with Digger will get him to be just as talented and competitive as the other two.¬†

In the past, Frisch has worked hard and won many titles, over thirty trophies and plaques, and countless ribbons. So far this year, at the Nebraska State Horse Show she placed 3rd in both pony pleasure and senior reining. She also qualified for state in both barrels and poles. She received reserve in poles and reining at the 2010 District Qualifying Show in Hoskins. She travels around Nebraska for different shows all summer. It isn’t unusual for her to have a show every weekend during the summer months.¬†

Chantell Frisch / Photo by Cathy Frisch


Frisch loves working with horses because there is something new to work on everyday and it is never boring. She stated, “Horses are very athletic, talented, smart animals that are willing to work and learn. Horses never argue, and it is such a good feeling when all the hard work pays off in the ring or even during practice.” She is still unsure what she would like to focus on in college, but she would like to continue working with horses.¬†

Frisch feels fortunate enough to live on a farm, so as a young kid her parents bought her minis and she upgraded as she got older to her first horse, Skip, who was a giant 19 year old sorrel Quarter Horse. Regardless that he was blind in the left eye, Frisch says he would go anywhere and do anything for her. He recently died this last winter of old age; he was 26. 

No one else from Lindsay shows, but that hasn’t stopped Frisch. She stated she has made many friends who share her love of horses and showing, making it an awesome experience.¬†

With a great start and an admirable passion, Frisch is on the right path to making her dream of running a horse-training and riding facility. With nothing having stopped her yet, Frisch is a prime example of a Nebraska 4-H member who truly has a passion for horses and isn’t afraid to show it.¬†

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